ExclusionALERT™ is a service of Application Researchers® to offer the healthcare industry a compliance solution to OIG sanction checks. The LEIE list is gathered from the Federal OIG, as well from states providing their own list. This ensures the most accurate, up-to-date information is used in the process. ExclusionALERT™ checks the names of all employees, prospective employees, vendors and physicians through a three step process. An automated process in which all names are searched for exact matches, an interim report is created to tell which names are a definite match or a definite no-match, and all similar names are all manually checked by an ExclusionALERT™ Specialist, to determine if the individual or entity can be verified as a match, and the names are noted for the client with the final determination. ExclusionALERT™ family of services also includes LicenseALERT™, VendorALERT™ and Sanction Shield™. All of this is accessible by internet software (Zip24AR), which allows clients to securely request service, view progress in real-time and view/ store reports.